Battalion History

According to all that Commanders Field Marshal Prince Rama Chakkraphong Phuwanat Krommaluang Phitsanulok Prachanat Has discussed establishment date does not appear. King's Own Bodyguard regimental Occurs when Because there is no evidence, however, given the presence of the so-called. Military King's Own Bodyguard states that since 2411, the year he was crowned mighty throne of King Rama V as part of a troop more. Actual Since the year 2413, as evidence for recognition. And commemorate the founding regimental King's Own Bodyguard shall come as Chom Phon so Phuwanat Prince Rama. Krommaluang Prachanat Phitsanulok So let's give on November 11th 2411 is the date of birth is the day of the coronation of King Rama V's.

   In 2411, King Rama V's. Please hath the King graciously bestowed origin Guard's 1st Battalion King's Own Bodyguard . (Battalion, 2nd Infantry regimental, 1st Infantry King's Own Bodyguard today) is close to the original location at the Dusit Throne Hall. Amporntat place at City Hall He graciously Thongchai chalermpol give grounds of an equestrian statue. The command pavilion Iuttnatikar at 181/13217, 2 Nov 2451 (Rs 127) and the 186/13392 on 4 November 2451 (Rs 127) is the second company is responsible for. division, In the palace, in the year 2453, King Rama V's. His Majesty has graciously To change the name of the 1st Battalion, 2nd Brigade, then commanded. give the Legion, that the 2nd Battalion King's Own Bodyguard guard of King Rama V and the military, all of whom adorn Monogramma (e global) on the epaulette shoulder Battalion History ranks and a battalion of the regiment first call. Name of the company that the 5th Regiment, Troop, 6th Squadron, 7th and 8th Regiment.

               The reign of King Rama VI in 2454 moved to its original location at the Suan Dusit Street Bridge Chrysanthemum Makawawanrungson . This battalion allegiance And its mission is to favor the heart. Received the Royal Medal Ruttanaporn on. Tier 1 (diamond) with Thongchai Chalermpol on 28 Nov 2454 by order of the Ministry of Defence, 277/19282, 2 Nov 2454 (U. Fri. 131) and received the winner AWARDS. Match rifle by order of the Ministry of Defence, 278/19865, down 23 Nov 2454 (Rs 131), and in 2454 appointed Minister HRH Queen Patcharin know his mother was. Special commanders

   Then change the name of the 2nd Battalion of King's Own Bodyguard. 3 on the year 2468 and has changed ratio reduced from 4 to 3 Squadron Squadron Squadron called the company on 9, Troop 10. Troop 12 and later, in 2475, there has been a change in the rate of the Department of Defense. Then rename thousands of King's Own Bodyguard . 3rd Battalion, 3rd (r. Thousands. 3) and relocated to Soi Rama 6 Road, No. 75/4 of Yothi. Fields Phayathai. Phayathai Bangkok after army not change the rate of 2489, when it changed its name to the unit from the 3rd Battalion. 1 billion. 2 commander with the 1st Infantry Regiment and in 2492 changed its name. unit from. 1 billion. 2 Cor. 1 billion. 2 wait. has full title to the 2nd Battalion, 1st Infantry Regiment King's Own Bodyguard . The relocation of Soi 6, Rama Yothi. Phayathai to the new location. The current location at 200 Moo 4, Tambon Pak. Lak Si, Bangkok, and in 2527 changed its name from "the 2nd Battalion, 1st Infantry Regiment of the Guard's servants" as "an infantry battalion. 2nd Infantry Regiment, 1st courtier's guard "until now.