Mission of the 2nd Infantry Battalion (by personnel basis 7 - 17)
1. Approach enemy by using weapon and strategy executionfor arrest or destroy the enemy
2. Defense the attack of the enemy by shooting and approach combat special Mission
Special Mission
1. Be a bodyguard and glorification for H.M.King, H.M.Queen and Thai Royal Family
2. Prevent and surpress the unrest on the country, careful and inspect place and people in Bangkok metropolis and Perimeter
Mission on cammand
1. Manage working force. prepared company 1st Army area (166 persons) by personnel basis 7-15 since 1 July until 30 September 2009 to prevent country from external and frontier invasion
2. Manage working force 1 battalion (826 persons) to support 4th Army area for preserve peaceful in the are of 3 province in the soutern Thailand


1. King's own bodyguard have to guard and honored for H.M.King, H.M. Queen and other royal family member
2. Regiment the gamson to have an audience at Umpornpaisan throne hall overy month
3. Regiment the troop to have an audience in the royal and state ceremony including royal cremation
4. Regiment the quardian section at Kraikungwon palace, Huahin Prajuabkirikhun province
5. Manage working force to settle and ready for 1st army area. in every 4 months since Octoher until January
6. Manage working force to preserve peaceful, prevent and suppress the uprising. Be careful place and important person in Bangkok and Perimeter
7. Manage working force 1 bttalion (826 person) to support 4th army area for preserve peaceful in the area of 3 provinces of Sonthern Thailand. Especially, Reuaso district, Narathiwat province

Training Management

1. Instructor Training
2. Private Training
3. Private on duty Training
4. Private first class Training
5. group, section, platoon Training
6. Company Training
7. Battalion Training
8. Problem in command Training
9. Skill for defeat the enemy Training
10. Annual shooting Training
11. Prevent and suppress the unrest company Training
12. Unit School Training
13. 1st Army area prepared company Training